Title:          Original Video Animation - Gatchaman

Catalog Number:  COBC-4034

Manufacturer:    Nippon Columbia

Price:              ¥6,900

Released:          6/21//00

Status:             Available

Description:       As the original Gatchaman TV series started to hit DVD, Nippon Columbia released the Gatchaman OAVs in that format as well. Officially known as Tatsunoko Hero Series 2 - Gatchaman, it was part of a line of other Tatsunoko OAV collections which also included Casshan and Hurricane Polymer.

The cover art is a previously unpublished sketch of Ken, the Eagle by OAV Character Designer Yasuomi Umezu. Thankfully the company decided to take full advantage of the DVD format and included all three of the Gatchaman OAVs in one shot. In addition to the programming, which was in excellent quality, the disc was packed with a very satisfying amount of interesting bonus features, including the Gatchaman Pilot Film and the Gatchaman '94 music video. But new to the collection were a series of TV commercials that were produced to advertise the DVD, a collection of Yasuomi Umezu's character designs and a brand-new music video cut to Destroy! Galactor '94, a remake of the original song. No mail-in premiums were offered for this collection. This disc was later rereleased in standard DVD packaging, at a budget price. Stereo