Title:             Tatsunoko Fight Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number:  COCX-31035

Manufacturer:     Nippon Columbia

Price:              ¥2,447

Released:          7/20/00

Status:             Out-of-print

Contents:          A companion piece to the Tatsunoko Fight videogame from Takara, this soundtrack featured a wide selection of music from the game, but was not complete. There were more selections present within the game, including at tleast one Gatchaman piece that did not receive release on this CD. All of the music and performances on this disc were new. As a nice touch, Isao Sasaki, the original voice of Joe, the Condor, supplied vocals for the Tatsunoko Fight Opening Theme. The CD came with a mail-in offer for a special gold version trading card-sized metal plate featuring the heroines from Tatsunoko Fight. A silver version of the plate was released with the Tatsunoko Fight Millennium Box mail-in premium. Stereo

Total Time:        41:47

Track Listing: