Title:             Gatchaman Vol.1 - Gatchaman Vs. Turtleking, Gatchaman, Vol.2 - Secret Red Impulse, Gatchaman Vol.3 - Final Count 0002

Catalog Number:  Vol.1 , COLC-3131 Vol. 2, COLC-3132 Vol.3 COLC-3133

Manufacturer:    Nippon Columbia

Price:              ¥7,800 each

Released:          10/1/94 (Vol. 1), 1/1/95 (Vol. 2), 4/1/95 (Vol. 3)

Status:             Out-of-print

Description:         The three Gatchaman LaserDiscs were released day-and-date with their VHS counterparts. Each contained identical programming, but the LaserDiscs had nicer quality video and audio. The LaserDiscs came with insert slicks in each volume that contained model sheet drawings, interviews with cast and staff and other information that was relevant to the OAV releases.

As with the videotape versions, Volume 1 was approximately 49 minutes and Volumes 2 and 3 were approximately 45 minutes each. The discs were pressed in CLV format and Volumes 1 and 2 did not have chapter marks. Volume 3 had two chapter marks, one for the main program, and a second for a bonus music video. The special music video on Volume 3 was set to a new recording of Gatchaman's Song, called Gatchaman '94. This was sung by Ichiro Mizuki and sounded like a dance club version of the old classic. The video contained animation that was taken from the first couple volumes of the OAVs.

Buyers could receive promotional posters with the cover for the particular volume they had purchased, and there was an additional mail-in premium offered for a Gatchaman phone card. Stereo