Title:               Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Symphonic Suite - Gatchaman  (Gatchaman Film)

Catalog Number:  CQ-7009

Manufacturer:      Nippon Columbia

Price:              ¥2,300

Released:          7/10/78

Status:             Out-of-print

Contents:          This was the Initial release of the score music from the Gatchaman feature film. It included a scored, intrumental version of the opening theme song (track 6). This LP was originally scheduled to be released with the stock number CQ-7042. Additionally, this LP was released on audio cassette (CAK-659, ¥2,300) and compsct disc (COCC-12585). Stereo.

Total Time:        36:58

Track Listing:

  All selections performed by the NHK Symphony Orchestra. Conducted by Koichi Sugiyama.