Title:          Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Feature Film

Catalog Number:  DA-0896

Manufacturer:    Toshiba Entertainment

Price:              ¥4,935

Released:          2/25/06

Status:             Available

Description:      This DVD marked the second time this film was made available to the general public on home video. It was previously released as a VHD in the early 1980s, and as an extremely limited DVD edition in 2001 and 2003 as detailed here. Contrary to early pre-release information, the feature on this release was not presented in widescreen format, nor did it include DTS sound. The feature was presented in its normal 4:3 TV aspect ratio and there were two separate Dolby Digital Japanese audio tracks - one in 4.0 surround (to approximate the original theatrical mix) and a brand-new 5.1 surround mix. There were no English audio tracks nor subtitles included.

Extras included lengthy interviews with Ippei Kuri, Mitsuki Nakamura, Kunio Ookawara, Yoshitaka Amano and voice actors Katsuji Mori, Kazuko Sugiyama and Yoku Shioya. A brief model sheet gallery was also included with mostly familiar images. Additionally, the DVD came with a miniature 5"x7" reprint of the full contents of the Gatchaman Movie Program. The DVD was encoded in region 2 and NTSC format and was not viewable in standard North American DVD players. Stereo/Surround