Title:            Science Ninja Team Gatchaman DVD Collection

Catalog Number:  Various

Manufacturer:    DeAgostini Japan

Price:              ¥790 (Volume 1), ¥1,790 (Volume 2 - 68)

Released:          2/5/2008 - 5/25/2010

Status:             Available

Description:      A release of all three Gatchaman series by budget publisher, DeAgostini Japan. Each DVD came in an oversized package that included the disc in a standard sized case, along with a several page, full-color magazine-sized removeable booklet that presented artwork, character information and series information. A new volume was released every couple weeks, taking over two years to complete all 68 issues.

Fans could buy each issue as it came out, or subscribe to the series to receive them automatically. Subscribers got bonus items such as binders for the booklets, mouse pads, figures and other incentives.

The series began as a test of the first three volumes at a number of bookstores across Japan. When it proved extremely successful, the rest of the volumes were okayed for release.