Episode titles from Eagle Riders

Saban's production number  /  Episode Title  /  Number in parenthesis denotes original Gatchaman II  (G-II) or Gatchaman Fighter (G-F) episode number.

X1 For the Global Good (G-II 1)

X2 Temple Island (G-II 2)

X3 Visit to Alcatraz (G-II 3)

X4 Reunion (G-II 4)

X5 Primal Instinct (G-II 5)

X6 Old Friends, New Enemies (G-II 21)

X7 Camouflage (G-II 7)

X8 On the Far Side of the Moon (G-II 8)

X9 Pyramid Power (G-II 9)

X10 Deep Freeze in the South Seas (G-II 10)

X11 Second Chances (G-II 11)

X12 Signs of Intelligent Life (G-II 12)

X13 Under the Volcano (G-II 13)

X14 Abduction and Return (G-II 14)

X15 The Island Girl's Secret (G-II 15)

X16 Big Eye Meets Small Fry (G-II 18)

X17 Realities (G-II 19)

X18 The Imposter (G-II 20)

X19 Crisis! (G-II 22)

X20 Panic at the North Pole (G-II 23)

X21 Circuits Down (G-II 24)

X22 Professor Andro's World (G-II 25)

X23 The Mysterious Dr. Aikens pt. 1 (G-II 26)

X24 The Mysterious Dr. Aikens pt. 2 (G-II 27)

X25 K-3 (G-II 29)

X26 Coward of the Cosmos (G-II 30)

X27 Down in the Alps (G-II 31)

X28 Rememberance (G-II 32)

X29 Shake Down in the Big Apple (G-II 33)

X30 Adventure in the Amazon (G-II 34)

X31 Old Ties (G-II 36)

X32 Childish Things (G-II 37)

X33 Facing the Dragon (G-II 38)

X34 Hide and Seek (G-II 39)

X35 Wild Country (G-II 40)

X36 Mallanox in a Mess (G-II 41)

X37 Evil in Disguise (G-II 42)

X38 Krall (G-II 43)

X39 Mission to Mars (G-II 44)

X40 Unnatrual Disasters (G-II 45)

X41 Idnetities (G-II 46)

X42 Fire and Ice (G-II 47)

X43 Catastrophe (G-II 48)

X44 Falling Prey (G-II 49)

X45 Relativity (G-II 50)

X46 Allegience and Amends (G-II 51)

X47 Encounter of Evil (G-II 52)

X48 A New Threat (G-F 1)

X49 The New Resistance (G-F 2)

X50 Conflict at Melly Island (G-F 5)

X51 One to One (G-F 6)

X52 The Steel City (G-F 7)

X53 Energy Crisis (G-F 12)

X54 Negotiations (G-F 20)

X55 The Document (G-F 25)

X56 Rebel Defiance (G-F 28)

X57 Outbreak (G-F 30)

X58 Wild Ride (G-F 31)

X59 Uncle Avery (G-F 32)

X60 Ollie Undercover (G-F 33)

X61 The Price Of Glory (G-F 35)

X62 Scorpius Force (G-F 36)

X63 A Ray of Hope (G-F 37)

X64 The Lost Children of Melly (G-F 40)

X65 Vorak Resolution (G-F 15)