Title:              Beatmania ANI-Songs Featuring Tatsunoko Productions

Catalog Number:  KMCA31

Manufacturer:     Konami

Price:              ¥2,447

Released:          10/8/99

Status:             Out-of-print

Contents:          Videogame manufacturer Konami had been having success with original releases of older animated and live-action TV theme remixes from other studios, so a release for Tatsunoko was inevitable. Only one Gatchaman-related track is included, and it is nearly the longest track on the disc. The tracks use a mix of original vocals/instrumentation along with brand-new performances. The entire title is heavily dance/club themed, and many of the updates are quite catchy and fun to listen to. The disc came only with a booklet and an oversized obi strip which listed the tracks, there was no back case insert included. First pressing copies of this disc also came with a square sticker reproducing the cover image. Stereo

Total Time:        50:37

Track Listing: