Title:           Tatsunoko Hyper Collection Series - Science Ninja Team Gatchaman II Eps. 1-52

Catalog Number:  PILA-1183

Manufacturer:    Pioneer LDC

Price:              ¥65,000

Released:          1/25/94

Status:             Out-of-print

Description:         Following the success of Polydor's original Gatchaman series release on LaserDisc, Pioneer LDC of Japan picked up the rights to release its follow-up sequel, Gatchaman II. The release consisted of all fifty-two episodes in a single box set, spread over 13 Volumes. As with the original series release, the LaserDiscs came housed in a sturdy outer box, with an inner slipcase and individual jackets for each volume. The jackets were adorned with brand-new images from individuals who originally worked on Gatchaman II as animators, character designers, plus other famous names in Japanese animation. Please click here to see the contents of the Gatchaman II LaserDisc box.

The box was officially the first in the Tatsunoko Hyper Collection Series from Pioneer, which was a line that featured the entire runs of other different animated programs from Tatsunoko (including Gatchaman Fighter). The clarity, color and sound on the transfers are all very good. Overall they were more consistent in their quality than the original series. One major complaint about the entire presentation was that many of the original splice marks and edits between scenes are actually visible on the screen. This is a problem that could easily have been corrected during the transfer stage. One look at other versions of Gatchaman II, such as its English translation, Saban's Eagle Riders, proves the problem could have been eliminated. But aside from that, the episodes appeared sharp, bright and clear with well-defined sound.

For a change, there were six chapter markers on most Gatchaman II episodes, including the opening credits, A part of the story, the "eyecatch" title card in the middle of the episode, the B part of the story, preview trailer and the closing credits. Special incentives included a large booklet with series information, model sheet drawings and merchandise images. While not full-color like the original series LaserDisc box booklet, this was a good effort with new images and a small bit of new information. The only piece of bonus video content was a brief preview trailer for episode 1 placed at the very beginning of the first volume. The trailer was aired on japanese TV the week before Gatchaman II began in its normal time slot. A special Tatsunoko Pilot Film Collection LaserDisc was offered as a mail-in premium to buyers of this box, and one of another two upcoming Tatsunoko Hyper Collection Series LaserDisc boxes. However, the Pilot Film disc did not contain any Gatchaman material. Monaural