Title:             Tatsunoko Hyper Collection Series - Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Fighter - Part 1 Eps. 1-24

Catalog Number:  PILA-1313

Manufacturer:    Pioneer LDC

Price:              ¥35,000

Released:          8/10/95

Status:             Out-of-print

Description:         During the release of the individual Gatchaman II LaserDiscs, Pioneer added two more entries to their Tatsunoko Hyper Collection series. For the first time, Gatchaman Fighter was offered on home video on two separate five-disc LaserDisc box sets. Gatchaman Fighter Part 1 was released in August of 1995, and contained the first half of the series. Instead of a slipcase and inner case, this time the sets were housed in standard boxes which contained the individual LaserDiscs. Each disc contained four complete episodes.

Five chapter stops were included for each episode, including the opening, A and B story parts, preview trailer and ending. The covers of each of the two boxes featured brand-new art by Ippei Kuri, and again each of the LaserDisc jackets was given a brand-new illustration by a variety old staff from the show and other big names in Japanese animation. Extras for the set were scant, but Volume 1 contained a flyer advertising the Gatchaman Perfect Guide book, and a folded poster of Joe, the Condor with new, exclusive artwork by series character designer Akemi Takada. Please click here to see the contents of the first box set. Additionally, the first disc in Part 1 contained a couple content bonus items; The preview trailer for the first episode of Gatchaman Fighter was included at the beginning of the disc and the end of the disc contained the credit-free versions of the two different opening sequences for Gatchaman Fighter. There were no mail-away premiums offered for either of these sets.

As with the Gatchaman II releases, there were many unfortunate instances where edit marks and splices could be seen in the frame. Aside from those, the image quality and sound on the set is very good and stable. These LaserDiscs were the only way to obtain home video releases of Gatchaman Fighter for nearly a decade, until the series was announced for release on DVD in late 2004 and early 2005. Monaural