Title:             Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol. 1 Eps. 1-8, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.2 Eps. 9-16, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.3 Eps. 17-24, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.4 Eps. 25-32, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.5 Eps. 33-40, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.6 Eps. 41-48, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.7 Eps. 49-56, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.8 Eps. 57-64, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.9 Eps. 65-72, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.10 Eps. 73-80, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.11 Eps. 81-88, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.12 Eps. 89-96, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.13 Eps. 97-104, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Vol.14 Es. 105

Catalog Number:  Vol.1 POLV-3031/3032, Vol.2 POLV-3033/3034, Vol.3 POLV-3035/3036, Vol.4 POLV-3037/3038, Vol.5 POLV-3039/3040, Vol.6 POLV-3041/3042, Vol.7 POLV-3043/3044, Vol.8 POLV-3045/3046, Vol.9 POLV-3047/3048, Vol.10 POLV-3049/3050, Vol.11 POLV-3051/3052, Vol.12 POLV-3053/3054, Vol.13 POLV-3055/3056, Vol.14 POLV-3057

Manufacturer:    Polygram Video

Price:              ¥9,800 each

Released:          3/25/94 (Vol. 1-4), 5/25/94 (Vol. 5-8), 7/25/94 (Vol. 9-11) , 9/24/94 (Vol. 12-14)

Status:             Out-of-print

Description:         A full re-release of the entire series, but this time as individual two-disc sets on the Polygram label. Each Volume contained eight full episodes, and came complete with the same jacket art as the previous LaserDisc box set. The episodic content and quality was exactly the same as on the box set.

Packaging wise, each "volume" was actually a two-disc set joined as a gatefold, rather than as separate jackets. Plus these two-disc sets had bags for the jackets and obi strips that the box set versions did not. The obi strips contained proof-of-purchase markers that could be sent in for additional premiums.

There was an offer to send away for the special booklet that was included in the box set, if the buyer had picked up at least ten of the individual volumes, plus an offer to send away for one of three exclusive Gatchaman phone card designs if all fourteen volumes were purchased.The phone cards were apparently issued at random, with no way of knowing which would be received.

If that wasn't enough, the fourteenth and final volume (pictured above) - which was a single disc, came with more extras that were not included in the box set; a complete full-color reprinting of the image boards from episode 1, plus a bonus black and white booklet that reprinted the entire storyboard illustrations for episode 20. Buyers of these individual volumes only missed out on the inner red slipcase, "G" spine buildup image and nice outer box in which to house their discs. Monaural