Title:           Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Perfect Collection Eps. 1-105

Catalog Number:  POLV-9001/27

Manufacturer:    Polydor Video

Price:              ¥150,000

Released:          12/16/90

Status:             Out-of-print

Description:       After the first round of VHS releases did well, Tatsunoko saw the benefit of getting the entire run of Gatchaman out to the public. December of 1990 finally saw the release of all 105 episodes.

The set was impressive, coming in a white outer storage case with a large "G" on one side, and a pencil sketch of Ken, the Eagle along with a full listing of the episodes on the other. Inside that was yet another red storage case which held the Gatchaman LaserDiscs, and a special full-color booklet that detailed the history of the series, plus behind-the-scenes facts and photos of model sheets and merchandise. Please click here to see the contents of the Perfect Collection box.

Each of the 27 individually-wrapped LaserDiscs had original artwork by famous Japanese animation artists and personnel who used to work on the original Gatchaman series. The spines of the LaserDiscs formed a picture of the Gatchaman "G" when lined up.

The picture quality of the episodes looked impressive especially over the previous VHS releases. But there were problems with the transfers, some appeared washed-out with uneven picture quality within the individual episodes. As with the Polydor and Polygram VHS releases, all of the episodes were presented in their entirety (aside from some slight editing to remove phrases that were now considered improper), along with their preview trailers. For the sake of convenience, each episode had five chapter markers placed at the opening credits, Part A of the story, Part B of the story, the closing credits and the preview trailer.

Along with the impressive packaging and hefty weight of the box set came an equally impressive price tag... about $1,200 dollars! Monaural