Title:              Battle of the Planets

Catalog Number:  STCD-603

Manufacturer:     Super Tracks Music Group International

Price:              $14.95

Released:          1/2001

Status:             Out-of-print

Contents:          Barring a French 45 with two tracks on it, this was the initial soundtrack release of any of Hoyt Curtin's Battle of the Planets score material! In addition to several pieces of his music, nearly the entire selection of the Gatchaman BGM with music by Bob Sakuma was also included. Sadly, while both the Hoyt Curtin and Bob Sakuma sections are wonderful to hear, each is incomplete. Far more music was composed for both Battle of the Planets and Gatchaman that is not represented here. Also, the while the original Japanese release of the BGM was nearly duplicated in its entirety, a couple tracks were left off, including the theme songs that featured Japanese vocals, and the brief "eyecatch" piece. The soundtrack included a full-color, eight page booklet with liner notes by Jason Hofius, full track listings and ads for the then-upcoming Transformers: The Movie, and Battle of the Planets home video releases from Rhino. This soundtrack was the final project that composer Hoyt Curtin worked on before his death in December, 2000. Stereo and Monaural

Total Time:        73:32

Track Listing: