Title:             Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Vol. 1

Catalog Number:  VTG-29

Manufacturer:    Victor

Price:              ¥12,800

Released:          1984

Status:             Out-of-print

Description:         Nearly a six years after the release of Gatchaman episodes on 8mm film, came the very first instance of the showĠs release on videotape. In 1984 a compilation edition of episodes one, two, six and eight were joined together with newly created opening and closing credits specifically for this release. The cover to the tape featured older artwork, with the main image coming from a Tatsunoko Fan Club poster.

This tape was marked "Vol. 1" indicating that further volumes may have appeared at a later date, but this was the only video in the series. Not surprisingly the cost of purchasing a videotape in 1984 was not cheap. They were made mainly for the rental market, not for sale. The initial Gatchaman tape release was no exception, being priced at a fairly staggering ´12,800, three hundred yen more than a single volume of the Lilli films! But this was the only way to easily see Gatchaman at this point in time, and it remained so for approximately five more years. On June 21, 2001, the content from this videotape was offered as a bonus item on Volume 27 of the Gatchaman DVD releases. Monaural