Title:          Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Complete DVD Box 1 Eps. 1-105

Catalog Number:  XT-1467-1493

Manufacturer:    Nippon Columbia

Price:              ¥60,000

Released:          9/25/03

Status:             Out-of-Print

Description:       Three years after the individual volumes were released, Nippon Columbia decided to put them all in a box and offer them again at what the company described as a "super reasonable" price. Considering that buying the box was less that half the price of picking up all the individual volumes, this claim is very true! Major differences are the inclusion of a full-color outer box, printed on slick heavy cardboard, an inner slipcase on slick heavy cardboard which houses the DVDs, and the fact that these releases are in the much more standard DVD cases. All twenty-seven discs are housed in nine cases... three discs per case. Click here to see the contents.

All of the programming, picture quality, bonus content and chapter markers were the same as the individual releases. The DVD case artwork was different however, presenting familiar pieces in a new light. The screen images printed on the DVD surfaces were also different from the individual releases.

The original 27 booklet contents were condensed into nine booklets, which were then reformatted specially for this collection. Unfortunately instead of being able to increase the size of some of the rare artwork, much of it is actually printed at a smaller size than the previous booklets!

This box was limited to only 1,500 sets and it came with another offer to send away for the rare Gatchaman feature film on DVD. None of the other mail-away premiums from the individual releases were offered again.

The Gatchaman Complete DVD Box marked the last issue - to-date - of the entire Gatchaman series. Prior to its release, Nippon Columbia’s individual Gatchaman DVD releases were going out-of-print and getting harder to find. Monaural