Title:          Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Fighter Complete DVD-Box

Catalog Number:  XT-2308/16

Manufacturer:    Nippon Columbia

Price:              ¥26,460

Released:          9/27/06

Status:            Out-of-print

Description:       Released the same day as the Gatchaman II Complete DVD Box, this single box rerelease for Gatchaman Fighter contained all forty-eight episodes spread over nine DVDs. The discs held exactly the same content as the earlier two box set releases of the series. The big attraction for this release was the bargain price, which was just a little bit higher than the first Gatchaman Fighter box set of the initial releases.

The box housed five standard-sized DVD cases. There were four double-disc cases and a single disc case within. The artwork on the slipcase consisted of previously-published promotional pieces and model sheet image composites The artwork on the disc cases also had previously-published pieces and model sheet images.

Each of the DVDs had picture discs with Gatchaman F model sheet images. Discs 1-3 contained five episodes each, while discs 4 and 5 contained six episodes. Extras on the discs themselves consisted of promotional images character model sheet collection, background art collections and stills.

The set included a nice full-color booklet that featured a variety of interviews, information, merchandise lists, photos and episode synopses, previously-unpulished character and machine model sheet artwork. The promise of newly mastered editions was partially true, they did look better on average than the previous LaserDisc transfers, but the visible edit marks that were on the Gatchaman II and Gatchaman F LaserDisc sets were still present. The sound was clear and free of any major distortion. The episodes were presented complete, along with their preview trailers, and each contained five chapter markers; one each for the opening, A and B story parts, preview trailer and ending. There were no mail-away incentives offered for this box set. Monaural