About these pages


These pages were done for a few simple reasons: To answer the numerous questions I've seen about what merchandise is, and is not available for "Gatchaman," to share many rare items that most fans of "Gatchaman" may not be aware of, or have plain never even seen, and finally, to provide as much information about the items as I possibly can.

Information includes (wherever possible): A photograph, translations, year of release, price (in the issuing country's currency), manufacturer and a stock number. Hopefully, this will also help anyone in their search for items.

I'm not in any way claiming that this is a complete collection. Far from it in fact. I am constantly learning about new items or discovering older items that I never even heard rumor of! Currently, Tatsunoko studios looks like it is in the middle of a large merchandising push (just take a quick look at the "New Merchandise" page!). There are many new items coming out about their shows. "Gatchaman" is no exception thankfully!

The categories on my pages are made up of things that I have a reasonable handle on. Meaning there are probably not too many more items to be discovered within them.

The general criteria for inclusion of any item within these pages is that it have 25% or more Gatchaman-related material. However, in a few cases items have been included because of rarity or obscurity that don't fit the 25% or more rule.This mainly applies to magazines and books.


Contents of these pages

The first two pages focus on audio material. Included here are LPs, 45s, Mini-33s and CDs. Known cassette information is covered within the relevant LP releases.

The third, fourth and fifth pages deal with books and printed materials, both official and fan-produced. These include books, pamphlets, coloring books, comic books, etc.

The sixth and seventh pages detail posters. I have decided to include posters, because many of the images on them are exclusive. Many have also never been seen elsewhere in the United States. Images on these pages come from posters available for general sale, giveaway posters, posters included with magazines, etc.

Page eight deals with telephone cards.

Page nine is the multimedia section, it deals mainly with computer -related programs and games.

Pages ten, eleven and twelve deal with toys produced for "Gatchaman" Everything from metal, to plastic, to vinyl toys are covered.  

Page thirteen - Includes information about puzzles and games, be they paper, or otherwise.