Where do I find this stuff?!?


Please note that none of the items listed on any of my pages are for sale.


I really, really wish I had an easy answer for this, but the fact is, it's going to be tough. You will have to do some digging. I've found things everywhere from private collectors to Mom & Pop stores to large anime shows. I've found things in used book stores and small toy stores, I've found things in the U.S., England, France, you name it. I've even had to go to the trouble of ordering certain things or having friends pick them up for me in Japan.

There are also many well made trade publications, such as the Toy Shoppe Newsletter that contain ads with Japanese toys. Every once in a while, a "Gatchaman" or "Battle of the Planets" item will sneak in.

Almost all of the items presented on my pages are out of print, or no longer being manufactured. Such is the nature of television-based toys. All hope may not be lost however. Begin by checking with one of the many Anime-related shops listed elsewhere on the internet. Many of these shops are named and described at the "Home of the White Shadow" and the "Gatchaman, BotP and G-Force" merchandise sites.

Or you can try the detailed Gatchaman Resource List for stores currently carrying "Gatchaman" merchandise.

If you're looking for model kits, the fairest-priced location you can try is HobbyLink Japan. They charge the daily monetary conversion rate for their models, plus nominal shipping charges.

Finally, and most reluctantly, you can try eBay.com. Although items regularly turn up, the main problem with this site is that most merchandise goes for FAR beyond what it is worth. I can't emphasize that enough. I've seen Ken action figures go for $40 that you can find elsewhere for a quarter of that price. My advice is to look around before paying inflated prices.

The best thing I can say is; keep your eyes open and good luck! And if you happen to find anything really great that isn't on my pages yet, let me know!

If it's not on my site already, I would really be interested in hearing about it!