The Gatchaman Goodies Pages - Toys Page 2


This page contains plastic toys related to all the "Gatchaman" series and "Battle of the Planets." This list is by no means complete.

Please click on the title to view a larger image of each item.



Japanese Releases - Gatchaman, Gatchaman II, Gatchaman OAV


TV Hero Ken

Hero Box V

Flying Ken

Launch Set

Gatchaman Flyz

Gatchaman Flyers

Power Shooter

Action Figure

Medicom Dolls

Figure Key Holders

Action Figure Version 2

Yujin Figures

DX Figure

Gatchaman Strap

Figure Collection

Sticky Mascot


Foreign Releases - Battle of the Planets


Mission Control Set

Signal Ray Gun

Wind N' Shoot Spinners

Click-Ray Projector Gun

Space Water Gun

Zark/Rover Action Figures

Mark Doll

Action Figures

Intercom Set

Space Raiders




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