The Gatchaman Goodies Pages - Books Part 3

This page contains information on Gatchaman-related books, special interest books, and fan-produced publications.



Japanese Book and Poster Sizes - Key to the size codes on these pages


Gatchaman Related Books - All Series



Idol Sketchbook

TV Anime World


Fantastic Collection 7

Gatchaman II Sketchbook

Gatchaman F Sketchbook

Gatchaman Festival

Gatchaman Festival II

Tatsunoko Fan Club News


Iron Works

Tatsunoko Anniversary

Tatsunoko Heroes

Tatsunoko Heroes (Revised)



Basic Techniques

Action Techniques





Gatchaman-Related Magazine Covers - All Series


There have been many, many magazine articles on Gatchaman. I have only illustrated a few examples here that have had Gatchaman covers or that have had unique, interesting material. Most of the magazine articles appeared as the series were still airing, or shortly before they began to air.


Terebi Kun


OUT Monthly

The Anime


Gatchaman-Related Magazine Covers - Foreign





Gatchaman Fan Produced Books - All Series


Japanese Fan Circles

In addition to the fan publications illustrated below, there were many other fan groups in existence around the time of the original TV series' airdates. Known fan groups are listed below, followed by any known publications;

Gatchaman Fan Club - Bird Saucer (Publication Unknown)

Gatchaman Fan Club - Red Tricycle (Publication Unknown)

Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman Fan Club - Published 'Lager'

Gatchaman FC Fire Bird - Published 'Fire Bird' and 'God Phoenix'

Soldier (Senshi) - Published 'Snack -J'

Y.G.HFC (Yamato, Gatchaman and Harlock Fan Club) - Published 'Border'

Joe The Condor Fan Club - J.F.C. - Published 'Condor'

Hitomi Pro - Published 'JOE'

Dr. Nambu & Toru Ohira FC - Published 'Crescent Coral Reef'


Member's Club G


Mukashi Wa Yokatta

A Spirit for Outbreak

Puzzle Land


Das Chronisch GM Syndrom

Roger 2

Patient's Club

An Introduction to Appreciation

Bird Signal


Terms Collection

Study Guide


El Condor Pasa


Foreign Gatchaman Fan Produced Books


Battle of the Planets Fan Club

Bird Scramble!

GatchaCon '97 Fanzine

Gatchapalooza '97 Fanzine

GatchaCon '98 Fanzine

GatchaCon '99 Fanzine


Foreign Miscellaneous Fan Produced Books

Fanta's Zine



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