Background Information on "Gatchaman"


"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" began its life on Japanese television on 10/1/72. It ran until 9/29/74, for a total of 105 half hour episodes.

"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - The Radio Series." This ran in Japan from 4/9/78 until 9/3/78, for a total of 16, half hour episodes.

"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - The Feature Film." This film was mainly comprised of footage derived from the "Gatchaman" TV series. However, it did include a few brand-new shots and a completely new orchestral score. It premiered on 7/15/78.

"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman II." This was the sequel series to "Gatchaman." It ran on Japanese television from 10/1/78 until 9/30/79, for a total of 52 half hour episodes.

"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Fighter." The second sequel and final TV series, ran from 10/7/79 until 8/31/80, for a total of 48 half hour episodes.

"Gatchaman." This OAV (Original Animated Video) was a newly re-made version. Vol.1 was released 10/1/94, Vol. 2 1/1/95 and Vol. 3 4/1/95. They are approximatley 45 minutes each. The "Gatchaman" OAV series was released on home video in the United States on 7/29/97, 8/26/97 and 9/30/97!

"Battle of the Planets" (the first version of "Gatchaman" in the U.S.) began its syndicated run in October 1978. It was comprised of 85 half hour episodes of "Gatchaman."

"G-Force," a re-made version of "Gatchaman" Premiered on WTBS in July, 1987. It was comprised of 85 half hour episodes of "Gatchaman," although it used a slightly different set than the ones used for "Battle of the Planets."  It aired for one week on WTBS, finally having it's full 85 episode run aired on the Cartoon Network in 1995.

"Saban's Eagle Riders" was an English, syndicated version of "Gatchaman II" and "Gatchaman Fighter." It premiered in September, 1996. Only 13 half hour episodes of "Eagle Riders" were broadcast in the United States. A full set of 65 half hour epsiodes were done however, and broadcast in foreign locations such as Australia.


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