Title:             Euro Tatsunoko Dance Tracks

Catalog Number:  AVCA-14131

Manufacturer:     Avex, INc.

Price:              ¥3,059

Released:          3/7/01

Status:             Out-of-print

Contents:          Another release in Avex's Eurobeat series, this CD focused exclusively on shows from Tatsunoko Productions. Three Gatchaman selections were included this time around, including the opening and closing themes from the original series, and the opening theme from Gatchaman II. All of the tracks are new performances and are done with dance club play in mind. They are all very fast moving songs, and don't seem to come off as well as the Beatmania release. The CD came with a booklet that included the lyrics for all the selections included. First pressings of this disc also came with a sticker sheet that had the main symbols for Gatchaman, Polymar, Tekkaman, Casshan and the Tatsunoko seahorse. Stereo

Total Time:        41:47

Track Listing: