Title:              Gatchaman Vocal Collection

Catalog Number: COCX-31827-8

Manufacturer:     Nippon Columbia

Price:              ¥3,990

Released:          4/2/02

Status:             Out-of-print

Contents:          Continuing in their 40th anniversary celebration, Tatsunoko released this comprehensive two-disc set full of Gatchaman songs. The first disc included the full versions of the opening and closing theme songs from Gatchaman, Gatchaman II, Gatchaman Fighter, plus the re-done versions for the Gatchaman OAV series. The EndTitle/Lets' Fly and remix of Gatchaman '94 were also included. In addition to the themes, the disc also included image songs for Gatchaman which were originally rleeased here, and Gatchaman II, that were originally released here. The Memorial Songs Collection saw the initial release of most of these image songs on the CD format. The second disc included many previously unreleased karaoke versions of the same selections. As a bonus track, disc two included the content from side B of this vintage single record. The set was housed in a custom two-disc CD case, and instead of a standard booklet, it came with a twelve panel foldout, with promotional artwork on one side and lyrics to all of the songs, and a brief essay about the music on the other. Stereo

Total Time:        Disc One 72:11, Disc Two 68:36

Track Listing: